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DMV Practice Test for Learner's Permit and Driving License 2017& Driver eHandbook
Driver's license practice test. Get Started! DMV One Way is the best way to start your driving adventure quickly and pass your DMV exam under no stress. Have fun with learning how to drive safely and lawfully.

What's on DMV One Way?


Driver's eHandbook for your State.
All the traffic rules that you need to know. Covering the full range of knowledge required for safe driving. We guarantee that you will pass the test during the first attempt or you will get your money back.

DMV Practice Test

Check your knowledge using DMV written test simulator. A lot of successful attempts will allow you to complete the DMV test as the first and with highest score. In addition, you will have a knowledge: how to drive safely, what to do in emergency situations, as well as those that threaten your health and life.

Practice Permit Tests
Under 18 and need to get your learners permit? All states require you to pass the permit test before you get your learner’s permit.

Driver’s License Practice Tests.
Over 18 and applying for your first drivers license or moving to a new state? You will need to pass the state written test first. In most states, the test to get your driving learner's permit is the same as the driver's license test.

Study eHandbook and solve each test one by one. Tick the answers and quickly check the result. Read the explanation for your test result. Repeat those that are difficult!
The artificial intelligence algorithm repeats the questions that you found to be difficult. As long as it takes for each question to become simple and easy. Pass easily!

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