Railroad Crossings 5/ 9

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Railroad Crossbuck and Flashing Lights: informs that flashing lights may be used with crossbuck signs.
Stop when the light starts flashing and stay alert for approaching trains. Do not proceed until all trains have passed, the tracks are clear, and the lights are no longer flashing. Be cautious of multi-track crossings.

Stop if you see flashing signal lights. Proceed only if it is safe to cross.

At some crossings, along with the crossbuck sign, you will see side-by-side lights that will flash alternately when a train is approaching. When the lights are flashing, you must stop and wait until the train has passed and the track is clear. At some crossings there is also a crossing gate that will lower when a train is coming. Do not drive around the gate or under a raising or lowering gate. Some crossings also have a bell or a horn that will
sound. Do not cross until the bell or horn has stopped.

Crossings with more than one train track will often post a sign showing the number of tracks. These signs warn you there is more than one track and there may be more than one train crossing. Not all crossings with more than one train track will have these signs, so it is important to check for more than one track before crossing.