Other traffic situation 13/ 16

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As a driver you must:
a) Do not use your horn close to bicycles unless there is a chance of a crash. Your horn could startle them and cause them to steer into your path;
b) Watch for bicyclists entering your lane. Watch out if you see children riding bikes on the sidewalk. They may ride onto the road;
c) Do not turn sharply in front of bicycles. Do not force a bicyclist off the road;
d) Although bicyclists are required to ride in the direction of traffic, you should look for them riding anywhere on the road;
e) Be extra careful around bicyclists when the road is wet or has sand or gravel. These things affect bicycles much more than other vehicles; and
f) Cooperate with bicyclists. They have to use hand signals when turning and stopping. They may not be able to signal if conditions require both hands on the handlebars. Look for other clues of what they plan to do. Riders usually turn their head or look over their shoulder before changing lanes.